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Legislative Bill Tracking ... Latest Update August 13, 2018
Legislative Session News ... August 13, 2018
    (Public Act 100-0837 Audit Legislation)
    (White House Illinois County Leader Conference UPDATE)
    (SCOTUS Decision)
Legislative Newsletter ... June 29,2018
    (End of Spring Session Bill Tracking Update)

United Counties Council of Illinois (UCCI) tracks legislation pending before the Illinois General Assembly that is of interest to county government.  Access to currently proposed legislation being tracked is available through the reports listed below.  A schedule, by date, of those pieces of legislation being tracked by UCCI that are currently set for committee hearing is provided for your review and information, as well as, a listing of all bills that have passed both chambers. 

SENATE 2018 Veto Session Calendar             HOUSE 2018 Session Calendar


2018 End of Session Update ...

The Illinois General Assembly is adjourned until November 13, 2018 when both chambers return to Springfield for the start of the Fall Veto Session.

End of Session Legislative Update is available here.

LEGISLATIVE SESSION NEWS ... Latest Update, August 13, 2018

Public Act 100-0837 (Audit Legislation)

SB2638 was signed into law by Governor Rauner on August 13, 2018 which will make compliance with audit procedures for local government much easier. 

Read the full text of Public Act 100-0837 here.

UPDATE  .... September 13, 2018 'White House Conference with State & Local Leaders'
UCCI Registration deadline is August 28, 2018

The White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs has provided the Schedule of Events for the "White House Conference with Illinois State and Local Leaders' to be held in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, September 13, 2018.  This conference is designed to allow Illinois State and Local Leaders to hear and discuss pertinent issues impacting the State of Illinois with key administration officials and policymakers.

UCCI is continuing to work with the staff of the National Association of Counties (NACo), the offices of Illinois Congressional members, and other parties to make our visit both productive and enjoyable.  

NACo has generously offered to host a reception on the evening of Wednesday, September 12th. The specific details of this event are still in the planning stages, but we have been advised it will include dinner-beverages and a brief one-hour overview and prep session for the Illinois attendees participating in the September 13th conference.

You will see from the Schedule of Events that a White House Tour has been scheduled for the morning of September 13th, prior to the 1:00 P.M. conference starting time. 

Each conference attendee must submit a registration form to UCCI no later than Tuesday, August 28, 2018.  It goes without saying, that security at the White House is quite strict.  The White House secure conference/tour registration link that must be completed no later than Friday, September 7th, will be provided by UCCI to those registering with us.  Not meeting the registration deadline may preclude you from attending scheduled events.

Travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of each attendee.  A list of suggested hotels located near the White House is available here.

UCCI staff is also working with the White House staff on the topics to be discussed during the September 13th conference.  In order that topics of relevance to Illinois are included in the presentations, we encourage and welcome your suggestions in developing the format of our meeting. Suggestions should be provided to the UCCI office at the earliest opportunity.

Additional updates will be forthcoming as we work to make this a successful and educational event.

Please contact the UCCI office if you have any questions or need additional information.

You can access the UCCI conference registration form here.  Deadline for submission to UCCI is August 28, 2018.

SCOTUS Rules Against Unions ... Janus vs AFSCME Council 31

On June 27th, in a 5-4 ruling, the United States Supreme Court dealt a major blow to labor unions.  In a landmark decision, the high court ruled that non-members cannot be forced, in certain states, to pay fees to unions representing public employees. 

The case, challenging the constitutionality of fair share union fees, was brought by Illinois state worker Mark Janus.  Plaintiff argued, and the Court agreed, that forcing workers to subsidize unions through mandatory fees violated government workers' First Amendment rights to freedom of speech.

Government workers will now be able to choose whether they want to financially support their unions.

Anticipated FOIA requests due to SCOTUS decision ... UCCI has recently received reports from membership that outside entities, separate and apart from their respective counties, have provided input on the handling of FOIA requests that are anticipated in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Janus versus AFSCME Council 31.

In order to help membership comply with the requirements of this anticipated FOIA request, or any FOIA request, UCCI would like to provide the following general principles of FOIA.
             CLICK HERE for Brief Refresher on FOIA Requirements.

2018 Illinois General Assembly ... Fall Veto Session

By overwhelmingly bi-partisan votes, the Illinois General Assembly approved a fiscal year 2019 State Budget on their last scheduled session day, May 31st.  Both the House and Senate adjourned on Thursday, and will return to Springfield to start the Fall Veto Session on Tuesday, November 13th.

Also, HB3342, the Budget Implementation Bill (BIMP), containing the substantive components necessary to put the budget in place, was approved by the Senate 54-2-2 and by the House 100-14.  Watch for an update on the details as they become available.

UPDATE ... 2018 Prevailing Wage Act

Under Section 5 of the Prevailing Wage Act, all public bodies in the State of Illinois are required to pass an ordinance or resolution establishing prevailing rates of wages and file that resolution with the Illinois Department of Labor.  The due date for filing resolutions is July 15, 2018.

Current rates may be found at:

However, the Department of Labor posted the following on its website:

2018 PREVAILING WAGE SURVEY:   During the month of June 2018, the Illinois Department of Labor will be conducting an electronic survey of rates paid for various categories of work performed on public works projects throughout Illinois.  The survey will be soliciting data on wages and fringe benefits paid to workers at the time the survey is conducted—that is, wages and fringe benefits paid during the month of June 2018.  In the coming weeks, the Department will be providing additional instructions to unions and contractors on how to access and enter their rate data into the Department’s on-line survey system. 

Please note that the Department will not be accepting paper submissions in response to its June 2018 rate survey.  Throughout the survey period, Department personnel will be available to provide technical support and assistance on any questions that may arise in connection with the survey.


It is not clear whether the Department will be able to complete its electronic survey in time for new rates to be issued prior to the county’s time to pass and file its resolutions.

FAQ:  How do we prepare an ordinance if the rates are unknown at this time?
         The prevailing wisdom is to adopt the most recent version in effect at the last meeting in the month of June. When the new rates are released, the county should adopt a revised rate, publish, and submit to the Department like the first time around.

A model ordinance can be found here:

Illinois Noxious Weed Law 
A topic of discussion at the May 21, 2018 UCCI Membership meeting was the Illinois Noxious Weed Law, Administrative Provisions and Forms.  As a follow-up to that discussion, we are pleased to provide the following references/information: